Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Elizabeth Tunic
When I was a teenager, which wasn't yesterday or the day before, there was a big trend for 'crochet tops'.  Basically, something lacy and gappy, worn over a fitted long-sleeved teeshirt.  You could wear it with jeans and boots to be all grungy, or a long floaty skirt to go for the bo-ho look.  I loved them.

So no wonder that some of my earliest wearables were lacy tunics like these.  Neither of them are quite the sort of thing that were my wardrobe staples in the 90s, but I love them all the same.

The blue one followed this pattern for the Elizabeth Tunic from Red Heart.  I always felt that I missed something on the pattern as the top seems slightly unfinished somehow.  I can't quite figure out what I did wrong though.

Hip Granny Tunic
I have mixed feelings abut the cream one, which followed this pattern for the Hip Granny Tunic, again from Red Heart.  The picture in the pattern was all funky, green and purple.  So why I chose to make it in cream cotton and ditch the sleeves, is not entirely clear to me.  Well, the sleeves were dropped because I'd run out of cotton and wanted to wear it before I had a chance to go back to my wool shop.  (Is anyone spotting a trend here???)  Despite my apparent unhappiness, I wear this top really often.  So, I can't be that unhappy with it really!

Anyway, both of these little jobbies were relatively challenging for me at the time and I was really proud of myself when I finished them.

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